Current trending topics from your online community

Receive an overview of the topics that are currently trending in your extended online community. Use it to produce stories for your own social media channels.

Fresh topic ideas

Find as-yet undiscovered topics that are trending in your social media community

Community-based approach

Tailored exactly to the interests of your social media target group

Bot Check

Protection against online trends that are manipulated by social bots

Big data and machine learning

Crowdalyzer keeps an eye on social networks and many more online sources 24/7

Dive into the themed worlds of your social media community

Does this sound familiar? You rack your brain to find suitable social media content for your target groups and put in considerable time in research and production, but users simply ignore your posts?

With Crowdalyzer, you no longer post at cross-purposes with the interests of your users.

Our Social Listening technology, developed at Media Lab Bayern, dives into the depths of your extended online networks and generates a daily overview of the topics that have the potential to take off in your user community.

Report on the topics that actually make a difference for your social media community!


As an interdisciplinary team, we build a bridge between journalism and IT

Johanna Wild

Online Journalist

Vlad Kraeuter

Software Developer

Amirabbas Askari Shahi

Software Developer

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