As a fake news finder, our Social Listening tool contributes to combating online mis- and disinformation.

One of the biggest challenges for digital fact-checkers is the question of the right target group:

Those who want to debunk mis- and disinformation first have to know what questionable content exists in their own online community. Otherwise, the risk of journalists debunking fakes that their own users have not yet seen might lead to unintentionally further spreading the false information.

Crowdalyzer offers support for this challenge:

In your daily topic overview, you see very clearly which mis- and disinformation – in public debate, what is generally called ‘fake news’ – is currently circulating in your extended online community.

In the schematic representation shown here, users share dubious content about Ralf Stegner and George Soros.

Since Crowdalyzer filters out trends that have been manipulated through social bots (get more information), you can be sure that the questionable content you find in your content overview actually plays an important role in your community.

Find out which “fake news” your online community falls for and produce social media posts that debunk this false content. You are the one who can best reach your target group.

Please get in touch if you are interested in learning more about online mis- and disinformation. We also offer online verification training for newsrooms and journalism training institutions. You can receive more information here.