The future of journalism is the collaboration between human and machine

The Crowdalyzer technology was developed at Media Lab Bayern. Big data, machine learning and editorial work have been intertwined in a new way to accurately identify the current topic interests of social media communities within media companies.

We are convinced that the future of journalism lies in the collaboration between journalists and state-of-the art technologies. Based on this assumption, we developed Crowdalyzer:

Our Social Listening technology automatically compiles overviews of the topics currently playing a major role in our clients’ online communities.

Our technology is supported by the Crowdalyzer editorial office: Journalists and IT specialists constantly monitor all processes, and our system quickly makes them aware of anomalies during trend generation that suggest the influence of social bots. If, due to weak or contradictory indications, Crowdalyzer cannot to assess a suspicious trend itself, we check and deal with it manually.

Crowdalyzer is therefore the only Social Listening tool on the market that protects media companies from mistaking online trends generated by social bots for real trends.

Our Social Listening tool does not require installation, nor does it require tedious training for your team. You can start using it right away.

You focus on the content. We take care of the rest.