Each social media community is different. Existing tools for trend analysis can show which online content is popular in general. Your individual social media target group, however, most likely does not exactly mirror this standard average.

This is where Crowdalyzer comes in:

With our Social Listening tool, you see know which topics are popular in the networks of your extended online communities, giving you an up-to-date overview of relevant trends in your particular target group.

In this example, some of the topics the online community is particularly interested in are “violence against rescue teams”, a viral video on bowling and a joke about Bavarians choosing secure passwords.

Even for experienced social media editors, the results are surprising:

Crowdalyzer finds community-based topic interests which have not yet been covered in the news. It shows a selection of the current media coverage relevant to your particular social media target group, and it detects relevant user-generated content.

Would you ever have thought that your social media community is interested in violence against rescue teams or Catherine Deneuve? That’s exactly what the newsroom in the example above has discovered using Crowdalyzer.

Use your individual Crowdalyzer topic overview to produce your own exciting posts and prove to your online users that your social media team takes their preferences and concerns seriously.

With the social listening tool Crowdalyzer, you are always in the know about what interests your online community.